You Are Loved
You Are Loved

No cancer journey is ever the same. Yet three very different women shared one common experience that led to their diagnoses – they all noticed a change in their bodies and knew something was wrong.

Melany, Emilia and Brandy sat down with Canadian personality Amy Matysio to talk about how early detection saved their lives, how cancer changed their lives, and how important it is to have an open dialogue with a healthcare provider.

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Women's cancer facts
  • 1
    Breast cancer
    Many women are alive and well today because their breast cancer was detected and treated early.
  • 2
    Cervical cancer
    You'll need a Pap test every 1 to 3 years depending on the screening guidelines in your province.
  • 3
    Colorectal cancer
    Colorectal cancer screening means checking for colorectal cancer as part of routine medical care when there are no symptoms present.
  • 4
    Skin cancer
    Most skin cancers can be cured if they're caught early enough. Learn what to look for and check your skin.

Men's health awareness

Testicular cancer may be the most common form of cancer among young men but it's also one of the most treatable when caught early.

Nutiquette is a dude's guide to checking his nuts regularly for cancer symptoms. The health of one man's balls is everyone's business. Practise proper nutiquette and spread the word!

 Nutiquette: a dude's guide to checking his nuts

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